Desired Collection

trama 34, Barcelona
Co-curator with Zaida Trallero

Fig. 1 Answer by an independent curator.

The Desired Collection was inaugurated during Another Fucking Fair (AF·FAIR), a one-day art fair founded by curator Zaida Trallero and organised by a collective of artists and curators called trama 34 including: Arash Fayez, Samuel Labadie, Diego Paonessa, Mario Santamaría, Germán Portal, Matteo Guidi, Adrian Melis, Mireia C. Saladrigues, Zaida Trallero and Denise Araouzou.

The starting point of The Desired Collection is reaching out to various agents who are in one way or another implicated in the art sector, with the following questions: “Which work of contemporary art do you wish to acquire?” and “why?”. This research aims to bring to light multiple views on the reasons for collecting and reflect on the current and potential trends and tendencies of the art market. Based on the results the project also aims to reflect on the construction and manipulation of desire to posses art, the reasons as to why individuals collect art and finally, to obtain an overview on which artistic practices are at play in the imaginarium of the art world.

Usually during the preparatory installation stages of an exhibition, photocopies of artworks are taped on the walls to identify their position within the space, in a similar manner The Desired Collection was presented for the first time during AF·FAIR.

The first edition of AF·FAIR invited curators to collaborate with the artists to transform their studio space into a booth and make a selection of works to show. For the second edition of AF·FAIR collectors are invited instead. An unusual  collaboration arises as the collector, the main demographic in the world of art fairs, engages with the artist in their space of production rather than in a fair booth as happens in most of the cases. AF FAIR proposes fewer fairs more studio visits. AF·FAIR takes place during Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2019.