denise araouzou

Fig. 1 Mirage spotted off the coast of Barcelona, Nov 2019 

Denise Araouzou is an art historian, curator and writer from Cyprus, currently based in Barcelona. In 2015 she received her MA in History of Art from the University of Glasgow (UK). She is junior curator of School of Waters: 19th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM) while she is also the artistic director and curator of the Veronika Gyòcsi Collection. Previously she was manager of the exhibition space The Island Club (Lemesos, Cyprus). She is the founder of open form (Athens, 2017) a nomadic open studio platform. Presently her independent research investigates debt as a disciplinary force and the ways in which debt-based economies shape our ways of working, consuming and resting in the postdigital age - ultimately manipulating subjectivity, desire and time. Rooted in cultural theory, anthropology, media culture, economics and architectural theory, her projects take shape as exhibitions, lectures, screenings and texts.