Denise Araouzou is a curator, researcher and occasionally, she writes. 
Following an MA in History of Art at the University of Glasgow (2011-2015), she is currently pursuing an MA in Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Gothenburg (2021-2023) and a post-masters at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, titled Collective Practices II: Symbiotic Organizations (2021-2022). At the interstice of these two programs, she is developing a body of research, titled Learning on a damaged planet, that explores and outlines the theoretical and practical aspects of integrating ecopedagogies in artistic and curatorial practices, and within their institutional frameworks in Cyprus, Italy, Sweden and Finland. This research is supported by KONE Foundation (Finland).

Recently she was part of the curatorial team of Biennale Mediterranea 19: School of Waters (San Marino, 2021). During 2020 she began working for the Veronika Gyòcsi Collection as artistic director. Between 2018-2019 she managed the non-profit exhibition space The Island Club in Lemesos, Cyprus. She was a resident at State of Concept (Athens), East Topics (Budapest), Schwarz Foundation (Samos), among others. In 2017 she founded, directed and organised open forman open studio platform in Athens. She has participated in public programs and has given lectures at: Future Architecture (Ljubljana), Hangar (Barcelona), Nottingham Contemporary, LOOP Fair (Barcelona), Bezalel Academy (Jerusalem), among others.