MA History of Art, University of Glasgow, UK, 2011 - 2015


Mediterranea 19: School of Waters, San Marino, 2020 - 2021
Veronika Gyòcsi Collection, Krems, AU, 2019 - ongoing 
The Island Club, Lemesos, CY, 2018 - 2019
The Sun Panics, Lemesos, CY, 2019
Magnetic Bible, Lemesos, CY, 2018
Snow White was stopped at the Gates of Disneyland, Lemesos, CY, 2018
Adrian Melis: Absolute Silence Does Not Exist, León, SP, 2017
open form, Athens, GR, 2017


This is not a tower2019 - ongoing
Acrophobia, 2018 - ongoing
A Natural Oasis?2018 - 2019
I could have done that...,


“But remember not all time is money”
María Alcaide: Guanli de shou: The managed Hand (Barcelona: edita peron, 2019)


EastCall: East Topics, Budapest, HU, 2020
BAR project, Barcelona, SP, 2019
Summer of Love: Schwarz Foundation, Samos, GR, 2017
Future Climates: The School Of Redistribution, Athens, GR, 2017


Creative Exchange: Future Architecture Platform, Museum of Architecture and Design MAO, Ljubljana, SI, 2020
LOOP Barcelona: Professional Meetings, Barcelona, SP, 2019

How to create, market and sell an oasis, Hangar.org, Barcelona, SP, 2019
Taula #08: Radio Fabra i Coats x Jiser, Barcelona, SP, 2019
Winds Under Our Lips, HEAD Genève, Nicosia, CY, 2019
documenta 14 Chorus, Athens, GR, 2017